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Oud Al’Amir

Dirham Oud by Ard Al Zaafaran 100ml

Dirham Oud by Ard Al Zaafaran 100ml

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Dirham Oud opens with an arresting burst of oud, immediately setting a bold and aromatic tone. Oud, also known as agarwood, is a prized and resinous wood that adds depth, complexity, and a touch of smokiness to the fragrance. This powerful introduction is likely accompanied by spices, such as saffron or cloves, intensifying the oriental allure.

As the fragrance develops, you may experience a rich and resinous heart, where the oud note continues to shine. Complementary notes, such as floral accords or woody elements, may contribute to the fragrance's complexity, providing a harmonious balance to the dominant oud.

In the base, the scent is likely anchored by warm and lingering notes. Amber, musk, and possibly vanilla or other sweet resinous elements may add a smooth and comforting dimension to the fragrance, enhancing its longevity and overall appeal.

Dirham Oud is designed for those who appreciate the bold and luxurious characteristics of oud-based perfumes. It is a fragrance that exudes sophistication and mystery, making it suitable for special occasions or those who seek a powerful and memorable olfactory experience. For precise details about the specific formulation of Dirham Oud, I recommend checking the official product description or reviews from individuals who have experienced the fragrance.

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